For explanations of terms, please view the Laws of Pahmoten


  • Outlanders 
  • Narnia (now disbanded)
  • Urk Kuldar

Declarations of War

  • none

Honors & Awards Edit

Champion of Pahmoten Edit

"Title awarded to the victor in a single-elimination tournament trial by combat...

"...Denoted by the Sauturan Braid, black braided linen with four sections of semi-Trizantine weave bearing gold, spring, and red adonized titanium links...Made to represent the gold of the sun, in the heavens that we revere; the red of the blood we shed fighting for Pahmoten, her peoples, and her standards; the spring as the trust of heraldry that we put in our brothers and sisters at arms. The sections are disjoint, showing that when we are broken, the darkness of evil will prevail."

Past Champions 

  • Ragnarok XXII Lenwé Telrúnya 
  • Ragnarok XXIII Kalronn Sauturus 
  • Ragnarok XXIV no tournament 
  • Ragnarok XXV Brogan Stoneskull Kegstander 
  • Ragnarok XXVI Wolfgang of Broken Sun Keep 
  • Ragnarok XXVII Sirilay 
  • Ragnarok XXVIII no tournament 
  • Ragnarok XXIX Brogan Stoneskull Kegstander
  • Ragnarok XXX no tournament
  • Ragnarok XXXI no tournament
  • Ragnarok XXXII no tournament

Order of the Griffin Edit

"Named for the griffin in Pahmoten heraldry, which typically symbolizes bravery." 

  • Active members must defeat the best and then the two best fighters in combat for First Order 
  • For Second Order, active members must be of First Order and defeat the three best fighters in combat
  • These fights can be performed at a chapter/unit level (ie best fighters in the chapter/unit) or at a larger gathering of Fellowship members. Either way of earning Order of the Griffin counts as a Fellowship recognition.


  • Wolfgang Dünneisen, Ragnarok XXII

Sun's Fire Edit

"Named for the sun on the K'lar coat of arms, which stands for the strength of determination of its members." 

  • Active members attempting the First Circle must maintain better than 50% victories in single combat jogging between two stations, 20 paces apart, for 10 consecutive minutes. 
  • Second Circle attempts are done by First Circle members for 20 consecutive minutes. 
  • "Consecutive minutes" are counted in 5 minute intervals, with a minute of rest and rehydration between each.


  • Wolfgang of Broken Sun Keep, Ragnarok XXIII 
  • Sirilay, Ragnarok XXIV


  • Sirilay, Ragnarok XXV 
  • Wolfgang of Broken Sun Keep, Kill 'n' Grill 2011


  • Sirilay, Cheesemas V


  • Sirilay, Ragnarok XXVI