Out of Game Edit

The Omnomivore Egg Hunt is a family event hosted by the Kingdom of Jerusalem on the first Sunday after Easter. It is structured like a traditional egg hunt, and may include a group lunch afterward.

The first Omnomivore Egg Hunt was held April 27, 2014. The Hunt does not have any effect on the Kingdom of Jerusalem storyline.

In Game Edit

The omnomivore is a strange creature--it can only reproduce by consuming shiny, sweet things. It then lays its brightly colored eggs wherever it thinks they will be safe, and those shiny, sweet objects slowly develop into little baby omnomivores. Each omnomivore looks different, based on what the object was that it hatched from.

The problem is that each omnomivore lays so many eggs each year, and if there are too many, we'll be overrun! So it's up to us, the stewards of the kingdom, to gather as many of the omnomivore eggs as we can to keep the population under control. It's just good luck that each egg is filled with goodies!