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Spyder joined Pointed Heart in 2012 after attending Here There Be Dragons. She has attended many events throughout the past years including Olympics, War, Ragnarok, Byzantium Opener/Anniversary and more. One of her favorite things to do at events is to take pictures and meet new people. Crafting, cooking, and games is very prominent in her Dagorhir life.

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Scribe of Pointed Heart

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Pointed Heart members taught Spyder different forms of fighting with swords & shields. She has also begun learning how to hoop dance after making a trade with a half elf shifter who has been imparting the knowledge of the art. She is almost always barefoot and exploring nature.

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Symbol is generally portrayed as a tribal spider knot in silver on a purple field.

Fighting Styles Edit

  • Sword & Board
  • Florentine
  • Archery
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