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The Southern Pahmoten Outpost (also known as the SPOoners) is a group based around Indianapolis, IN. Though it is not an official chapter of DGBA, the SPOoners are a recognized unit of the Fellowship of Pahmoten and given the same considerations as any other Fellowship entity.

Those interested in joining the SPOoners or inquiring more about their company can contact Fincalian at

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  • Drinksgiving - night of reveling, table top gaming, and socializing at the Sputtery Boon (SPOoner living quarters), follows in the evening of Mittelmarch's WAR in November

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Symbols, Heraldry, and Icons Edit

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SPOoner banner

The SPOoner banner and belt flag holds personal imagery, one background color for each of its founding members. The sun ties it to the requirements for a Pahmoten unit, and the spoon for their unit name.

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