In Game Edit

  • Cyran elf from the Twelfth Age of Pahmoten
  • native to Aalenthyn, in Irkdannor country on K'lar
  • Cyran ambassador to southern Skicheo and Backbone Islands

Sirilay was born to Caruthalas and Ennimor on a rainy night in the month of Frenasn--thus her name being a combination of the Cyran words for "night" and "rain." She trained under the Aalenthynian guard that roams the forest surrounding the city, under the demanding training regimen of her father Ennimor. Her love of song and story attached her to the legend of Eritas from early on, and Sirilay made it her life's quest to find the Library of Eritas. In effort to open research and travel doors of opportunity, she became an ambassador under King Tyrodel. Her balance of self-sufficiency allows singular, yet safe journeys to wherever her prince points her.


While she has no house, and despite it being against the formatting rules of Pahmoten heraldry, Sirilay adopted the heraldic symbol of a black wolf, running left, on a pane of pine. NOTE: left/right descriptions in Pahmoten heraldry are from the wearer's perspective, not the observers'.

Out of Game Edit

  • one of the original founders of Pahmoten
  • founder of K'lar & Pointed Heart chapters, March of the Fallen
  • singing and songwriting bard
  • archer, two sword, spear, healer, battle bard
  • frequent missile check volunteer
  • namesake of Rangarok's Rule #7
  • Ranger and founder of Rangers of the Ilanese
  • Member of Order of Dante, Fourth Circle of Sun's Fire, Friends of Narnia, Blood Horde Carvanners, Mirkwood, Iron Will, Clan Hydra
  • Honorary member of Kingdom of Elzwayr

Contrary to popular belief, Ragnarok's rule #7 (no climbing trees) was not because of an accident involving Sirilay's antics. Ever since Rag XX, the elf has taken naturally to the woods battles through guerilla tactics, guerilla tactics, and shooting from trees. At one point, several unnamed Rag attendees also climbed trees during woods battles and ended up getting injured from clumsiness. For liability reasons, staff decided to take tree climbing off the list of approved activities.