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*insert witty real life shenanigans here*

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  • None at this time

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Character History Edit

  • Full Name: Rogue Eraenish
  • Race: part Kitsune
  • Age: what a rude question to ask a woman ;P
  • Gender: *points to previous stat*

Rogue is from a tribe of Kitsune who's number of tails is more a reflection of age rather than power. It is believed that a tail is produced every decade of the Kitsune's life, but no one outside of the tribe is 100% certain of the exact years per tail. Kitsune as a whole are known tricksters and shapeshifters, and as such a bit secretive so not much is known of Rogue's backstory, but she may mention her kits' shenanigans if the mood strikes.

Symbols, Heraldry, and Icons Edit


Three tailed Kitsune in tribal art style.

Fighting Styles Edit

  • Dual Swords
  • Sword and Shield
  • Bow

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  • none at this time