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Lenwe started playing Dagorhir in early 2006 when a few of his friends asked him to go “camping”.  That same year Lenwe attended his first Ragnarok with K’lar, Ragnarok XXI, and has been hooked ever since.  Officially, Lenwe is geographically located with the Knights of the Fiat Lux chapter, but has always considered himself a Pahmoten Loyal above all else.

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First Champion of Pahmoten

Associations, Chapters, and Units Edit

Pahmoten Loyal (Fellowship)

Hopeful of the Rangers of the Ilanese (Unit)

Member of the Empire of Mirkwood (Unit)

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Character History Edit

Lenwe was born half-elf with a pure born noble elf father and a low born human mother.  His father’s name was Estelar Telrunya and he died early in Lenwe’s life.  He was often criticized for taking a human peasant as a wife, but he was strong willed and did as he pleased despite social standards.  Lenwe’s mother was named Celes, her family name long forgotten.  Estelar never spoke of how he met Celes.

Lenwe was taken from his parents at an early age to begin the training of Dragon riding.  His Dragon was to be Caran Ithil who was not yet mature.  Unfortunately a war broke out before Lenwe’s training could be finished and during the Battle of the Three Mountains his dragon Caran Ithil was killed because the invaders did not want any future dragonriders to oppose them.  As a matter of fact, none of the “tamed” dragons survived the war and Dragon riding soon became a lost talent.  The only thing that remains of Caran Ithil is a fang which Lenwe has in his possession.  His mother was also killed during an invasion of their home village in the course of the war.

Considering his young age, Lenwe was never recruited to fight in the war and by the time the war had ended much was in devastation.  Lenwe, without parents or family, began wandering the world and soon joined a group of Rangers.  The Rangers of the Ilanese always have the same goal, to understand themselves, their world, and prevent injustice whenever it is present.  They strive to be role models for a better world.

Symbols, Heraldry, and Icons Edit

Through this new role as a hopeful of the Rangers of the Ilanese, Lenwe has taken the wolf paw as his personal symbol on a background of a red moon, with a black and green quartered field.  The black represents the night which Rangers are accustomed to moving in.  The green represents an affinity with nature.  The red moon represents Lenwe’s lost dragon Caran Ithil (Red Moon).  The wolf paw print represents the nature of the wolf, operating independently as a lone wolf, but also as a member of a pack that will come to aid when needed.

Fighting Styles Edit

Kite Shield and Medium Blue

Florentine Medium Blues with Stabbing Tips



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