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K'lar was founded as a full-fledged chapter in the DGBA in 2003, based out of Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. In 2014, it joined the Kingdom of Jerusalem as a unit and eventually was disbanded as a unit later on. K'lar holds a unique and honored place in the Fellowship of Pahmoten, as many original Fellowship members started their Dagorhir experience in K'lar.

K'lar is a continent within the World of Pahmoten books, birthplace of Sirilay and much of the Fellowship's storyline.

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Symbols, Heraldry, and Icons Edit


The K'laren coat of arms was created by Rebecca Glon and remains the same as the country's within the World of Pahmoten books.

  • Out of game symbolism:
    • blue & green fields - the banks of the Fox River on which Lawrence University is situated
    • sword - the first weapons created and wielded by K'larens
    • griffin - representing the bravery and courage of its members
    • sun - Lawrence's motto is Light, More Light!
  • In game symbolism (ie World of Pahmoten heraldry and K'lar's history in story form)
    • blue - hope for growth. K'lar is one of the youngest countries in their world.
    • green - tradition, to establish some traditions of their own.
    • sword - the main weapon used by K'lar's discoverers. The Sword of K'lar is a legend that spins a tale of one of the founder's swords, Skybreak, named for its destruction after falling from a high cliff.
    • griffin - courage, and also the founders' love of griffins. This was allegedly how the island continent was found, by spotting griffins playing on sea air currents.
    • sun - strength, what is necessary for building new establishments and carrying load after load of supplies into the new country.