Obsidian Wilds

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Darque started playing Dagorhir in the fall of 1994 with Valdemar in Urbana, IL.  At the end of 1995, Darque moved from Urbana and did not participate in Dagorhir again until 2012, when he attended the Here Be Dragons event in Rockford, IL. Darque then joined Pointed Heart together with his family and has since attended various events including Ragnarok, Olympics, War and Wolfpack Openers.

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Darque was born in a Stornak village. At the age of 18 he joined the village raiding party. After returning from a raid of another village, he met Maci Anjol and soon after they were married, he decided to leave Brus with his family and travel the world. Eventually he arrived in Pointed Heart and found some land to settle in. He befriended the local elven tribe, from whom he learned the art of weapon smithing and leather work. He now fights with the elves to defend their homeland.

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Celtic compass rose knot sm

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  • Viking round shield and sword
  • Two-handed sword
  • Spear and dagger

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